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Hats: trilby vs. fedora
via Guyism

Hats: trilby vs. fedora

via Guyism

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NFL on PBS: Superbowl XLVIII Live Simulcast (A Parody)

A broadcast of the Super Bowl XLVIII detailed by the good people of PBS. If you believe the best part of football is the social and cultural impact is has on all of us, then this is the broadcast for you! PBS. Be more.

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obama has taken a funeral selfie, so our work here is done



I’d intended for the post below to be the final one here, but then this just happened at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service—not exactly a funeral, to be fair, but I’ll just go ahead and take credit for the whole thing. Thank you, world, and good night!

Soooooo this happened….Obama funeral selfie…

This kid's detention slip is the greatest and most terrifying thing ever - Guyism

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Some Of These People Already Look Like Dogs…





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